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Welcome to geomedi university. Medical education is one of the challenges, which requires full commitment and compassion. We at geomedi university share your dedication to education and we are working hard to provide you with rigorously designed program, which will help you to develop into excellent physicians. geomedi university has the honor to be home of many successful graduates,

Teaching university Geomedi is one of the most efficient medical institutions in Georgia. This is evidenced by the successful activities of the University graduates both in Georgia and abroad. The Basic Knowledge acquired through the educational process is fully consistent with international standards, which makes the university graduates highly competitive as compared with those from any country, including the USA. The Curricula are made in English according to the requirements of international standards.

My experience of 2 year study in the GEOMEDI UNIVERSITY has been very positive . It has provided me all the necessary knowledge required to be a competent physician . I believe anyone aspiring to be a skilled doctor can rely on the knowledge and guidelines provided by the GEOMEDI UNIVERSITY on successful completion of the GEOMEDI UNIVERSITY ,I,m sure the student will be more then capable to undertake USMLE exam

Studying in GEOMEDI UNIVERSITY is great pleasure for me . when I came 3 year ago I felt insecure as I was the only indian girl back them my university give me a great support especially our rector and dean . I have the best teacher who would answer all my questions and guide me patiently GEOMEDI UNIVERSITY is a place where people of different nationalities meet together to share one common goal , education not only is it just education but also the chance to meet new friends experience a new culture and discover more about your self .

I am Gopika Gopala Krishnan from India like to share my experience at the GEOMEDI UNIVERSITY in Tbilisi. I came all the way from India to get my medical degree at Geomedi University in order to achieve my childhood dream of becoming a Doctor. The first thing I have to say is I am really happy to be a part of this university. Before joining in this university I didn’t had any idea about this university and I was so scared about my future. But my first day in this university is unforgettable. I am very thanksfull for Geomedi university .

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