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MBBS In Morocco

The Path to Becoming a Doctor in Morocco

In Morocco there ishealthcare problems due to shortage of doctors. There are only 0.5 doctor/1000 people.One hospital bed/1000 people and poor sanitation and access to wash water are major challenges within the country. The life expectancy at birth is 74 year.

Undergraduate Medical Education Undergraduate medical education in morocco starts after 14 years of school education and entry into medical school is after passing a competitive exam

Medical studies in morocco is organized as follows:

1. 1st cycle is for 2 years and consists of Pre-clinical sciences

2. 2nd cycle lasts for 3 year and consists of clinical sciences

3. Sixth year: externship full time at the University Hospital

4. Seventh year: internship .at the end of this year and after passing clinical exams the student can defend their thesis.

Morocco Medical Residency

Medical residency or specialty training in Morocco is done in two ways:

• Through Internship Exam: Students who have successfully completed their fifth year and all training they should sit for Internship Exam and complete two year internship at the University Hospital (4 semesters: medicine, surgery, pediatrics and obstetrics & gynecology). After which they are called as residents. They are given priority in choosing the specialty.

Doctors of drugs after graduation can pass residency entrance examination and may start their Morocco medical residency training. Morocco medical residency training duration varies from 3 to 5 years e.g.3 years for sports medicine, 4 years for medical specialties and biology, 5 years for surgical specialties and internal medicine. Medical graduates are allowed maximum four attempts to sit for Morocco medical residency entrance exam.

Medical graduates of foreign country can get entry into Morocco medical residency or specialty training if they get Equivalence of their basic medical qualification from Ministry of upper Education. Once they obtain equivalency certificate of their basic medical qualification from Ministry of upper Education and research project of Morocco.


All medical graduate should register with National Council of Doctors of Morocco (ordre national des médécins) to practice medicine in Morocco, local and foreign both. There is no registration exam and foreign medical graduates can register to practice in Morocco if they get equivalence of their basic medical qualification degree/diploma from Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Morocco.

To practice medicine for foreign doctors in Morocco authorization is issued by General Secretary of Government.


1. To sit for Morocco medical residency entrance exam for foreign medical graduates Having basic medical qualification

• Having Equivalence certificate of their basic medical qualification from Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Morocco.

2. To practice medicine in Morocco for foreign doctors

• Residing in Morocco (migrated there and have valid work permit)

• Either be a national of a country which has signed an agreement with Morocco or a spouse of Moroccan citizen.

• After medical degree or a qualification recognized as equivalent by Ministry of upper education to the Moroccan qualification and have right to practice medicine in his/her home country.

• Should not have been criminally convicted in Morocco or abroad.

• Should not be registered with another medical council (if he/she is registered with another council.

• He/She should justify it in written form).

• After all eligibility criteria mentioned are met for practicing medicine in Morocco, foreign medical graduates should apply for equivalence certificate to Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Morocco.

• Once equivalence certificate is received they should register with National Council of Doctors of Morocco.

Doctors should send their documents (4 copies) to National Council of Doctors, 3 of them are going to be sent to Secretary General of the govt .

Eventually there will be authorize registration by secretariat for foreign medical graduates to practice medicine in Morocco.


Morocco Medical Residency Entrance Exam and Internship exam is in two parts.

1- An eligibility test involving a test of titles and four written tests.

• Anatomy.

• Biology.

• The medical pathology

• surgical pathology

2- An admission test with 4 questions

• A case of medical emergency.

• A case of surgical emergency.

• What to do in a medical specialty.

• And what to do in surgical specialty.

It must be accompanied by the following documents:

1. A certified photocopy of basic medical qualification

2. Transcript of records from the first to the fifth year of medical studies and clinical exams

3. A certificate of equivalence for foreign diplomas/degrees (issued by Ministry of Higher Education)

4. Three Stamped envelope with the address of the applicant

5. An extract of birth certificate not older than three months;

6. A certified photocopy of the national identity card/passport

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A Pathway to Medical School in Europe

Advantage of studying MBBS in Georgia ,Europe.

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  • Medical graduates can pursue 2 Years of Clinical rotations program in teaching hospitals in USA / UK.
  • MCAT, SAT, IELTS / TOEFL Scores not required
  • Integrated curriculum that results in high success rates in licensing examinations like USMLE, MCI FMGE, PLAB, AMC etc.
  • Students are provided complete guidance to choose their career path out of various licensing options available like [USMLE (USA), MCCQE (Canada), PLAB (UK), AMC (Aus / NZ), etc.] and prepare the aspiring students to be successful in the same.
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  • Program Structure:
  • The programs are structured such that once the students clear Step 1 of NBME / USMLE after finishing Basic Medical Sciences in Yr 2 (in some cases Yr 3). One can apply for clinical rotation in UK after clearing PLAB/USMLE.
  • Once student USMLE Step 1&2 with a decent score (Either in USA / UK or Central America), Students get a Temporary / Provisional License to pursue the Residency program in USA / Canada.
  • Regular preparatory classes from day one Apart from imparting medical education, on the licensing examination MCI, [USMLE (USA), MCCQE (Canada), PLAB (UK), AMC (Aus / NZ), etc for aspiring students.
  • Career oriented program, yet cost effective / value for money.

Advantage of studying MBBS in Georgia ,Europe.


There are an honest number of the factors that creates Europe the simplest destination for the MBBS Program. The career in medical field is that the first preference of the fashionable day youth including males and females. The percentage of scholars trying to find admission to MBBS in Europe is continuously growing due to the several favorable reasons. Georgia may be a member of the Council of Europe and therefore the GUAM Organization forDemocracy and Economic Development.

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Course summary

Title of the education program – MD Programme (General medicine )

Direction - Health care

Qualification to be awarded-Medical Doctor

Study duration – 6 years

Program volume - 360 credits

Tuition language - English

Medical Doctor may be a one-stage program, which lasts for six years and entails 360 credits (ECTS). The program corresponds to the second step of the higher education. The qualification relevant to the tutorial program in medicine may be a certified Medical Doctor (MD). The program is oriented towards ensuring the achievement of the competencies essential to become qualified Medical Doctor. The training of the acceptable specialists equipped with the competencies defined within the framework of upper education qualifications and oriented towards the utilization market is administered supported the synthesis of the knowledge and skills acquired as a results of the study of basic, clinical, university and school training components.

International Recognition

International Recognition Georgia has signed Lisbon Recognition Convention (officially the “Convention on the popularity of Qualifications concerning education within the European Region”, which is a world convention of the Council of Europe elaborated along side the UNESCO) in 1997 .

Degrees form accredited universities of Georgia are recognized in remained Council of Europe member countries. In 2012 school year , our Medical Doctor (MD) program was enrolled in Foundation for Advancement in International Medical Education and Research “FAIMER-IMED” and World Health Organization “AVICENNA”.Medical Doctor (MD) qualification obtained is approved worldwide. The program is approved by Medical Council of India (MCI) as well Clinical Facilities Within Medical Doctor Program, a substantial significance is attached to the event of clinical skills. For the purpose, practical trainings in hospitals is provided across globe. Geomedi University has tie ups with Partner hospitals from Atlanta (USA),Canada,German hospitals, India. University runs student exchange program


One of the main goals of University Geomedi is to provide high quality education through internalization and establish international academic reputation through engagement in academic and research processes with strategic partners of the university.

University runs international student exchange program under Erasmus.Also our students attend various international seminars,workshops and conferences for knowledge exchange.

Geomedi students are given exceptional anatomy facilities and teaching staff that enable you to find out about the intricacies of the physical body through dissection get the prospect to dissect and handle cadaveric material and cash in of specially written computer assisted learning packages in anatomy with university tie ups in India.


We at Geomedi university have eminent qualified experienced faculty from Germany,USA,Europe and India. Professors are student friendly and guide students at every step to become successful medical professional.

German language training is additionally given for college kids who want to calm down in Germany.

Students are provided complete guidance to settle on their career path out of varied licensing options available like [USMLE (USA), MCCQE (Canada), PLAB (UK), AMC (Aus / NZ), etc.] and prepare the aspiring students to achieve success within the same.

Regular preparatory classes from day one aside from imparting medical education, on the licensing examination MCI, [USMLE (USA), MCCQE (Canada), PLAB (UK), AMC (Aus / NZ), etc for aspiring students.

LIBRARY: The University Library has rich book and digital funds, Computer class with equipment and integrated library system “OpenBiblio”. Electronic Resources. within the library you'll freely use the on-line database package – EBSCO package, which allows the utilization of Electronic books, magazines, periodicals, TV and radio Name and outline of transcripts collection of stories programs.

UNIVERSITY LABORATORIES AND OTHER FACILITIES SIMULATION MEDICINE CLINIC: The Simulation Clinic of Teaching University Geomedi provides students with the chance to become conversant in clinical environment, where students are going to be ready to develop their clinical skills during a realistic, yet simulated environment, for better assessment of their clinical reasoning skills and knowledge domain .

ANATOMY HALL: The department of anatomy has an incremental role in teaching and training future doctors. A newly renovated anatomy hall with latest 3D Hologram tech technology is one among its kind within the world. Geomedi gives opportunities to all or any students to be trained altogether branches of human anatomy by using both traditional and modern methods.

EXAMINATION CENTER: Students have access to state of the art European level Examination center with latest fully computerized, IT infrastructure and equipment .It provides a relaxed and cozy environment for college kids to require exams with many flexibility.

CONFERENCE HALL: There are two conference halls available for holding student’s seminar, workshops other sorts of events.

HOSTEL FOOD TRANSPORTATION: All students are given comfortable and affordable accommodation walking distance to college .Multicuisine vegetarian and Non vegetarian food available. Good conveyance facilities with student discount travel card is given. Separate girl’s hostel is additionally available.

Admission office for International students.

Teaching University of Geomedi.


E mail:admissions@geomedi.ge

Mobile +995 557655588/+995 558483845