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MBBS in Europe

MBBS In Europe

Lakhs of students ‘future is being jeopardized at this time of the year, but all of us known who has it the hardest. Still don’t know? We will give you a hint: NEET and AIIMS!

Admission within the bachelor degree of study medicine in Europe is a six-year course of medicine, consisting of preclinical and medical training. Low fee MBBS in Europe offered through professionals in English, French, Romanian, Bulgarian, and so on, contingent upon college offer. A few colleges in Europe offer a 4-year course of MBBS (BSc of Medicine) for those with graduate participants with UK, USA, and Canadian. While Geomedi University make MBBS study in Europe more interesting, and to fulfill every dream of student who wants to be “Doctor” and “Dr”. MBBS study in Europe for Indian students is relief by MCI approved medical colleges. With the unlimited advantages as offered by the Georgian Universities in the form of no entrance test required, and low entrance fees and better life standard, the options in front of students are crystal clear.

The six-year program includes a coordinated Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). The 4-year MBBS degree program is the same degree as the 6-year Degree program and is not available in all the nations and universities. It is intended for graduate students with a four-year certification in science, science or other fields of medical studies.

The title of “Dr.” Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) is generally used in USA, Canada and the majority of European nations, MBBS (BSc of Medicine) is a title mostly used in Commonwealth countries.

Brief Information for MBBS in Europe

Intake: August – September
Minimum % required : 50 % in PCB
NEET: Yes With Qualifying Cutoff Marks
MBBS Duration: 5 + 1 Years
Language : English / Georgian

Documents Required to Study MBBS in Europe.

  1. 1. 10th and 12th mark sheet, transfer certificate/ leaving Certificate and Birth Certificate should be in English.
  2. 2. Migration Certificate.
  3. 3. Six Passport size photos .
  4. 4. Valid passport
  5. 5. Health insurance and medical certificate mentioning HIV analysis and vaccination result.

Higher Education in Europe

Geomedi medical Universities are perceived by the MCI, WHO and other global medical professional authorities that make way for the medical students to get medical degrees from European colleges. MBBS in Europe is politically separated into 2 parties: Member and non-member of EU (European Union) and EEA (eastern European Union). The more part of those nations provide a first rate MBBS program in Europe (German and French).

Study MBBS in Europe with English as the primary Language

A medical student can contemplate studying MBBS overseas in English (Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.) based at the MBBS University’s educational cost expenses, affirmation criteria, living expenses, and so on. Places like Italy and Cyprus offer MBBS courses in English. Academic cost expenses are for the maximum part around €25,000 per annum at private colleges. The Italian open medical colleges show the solution in English (Pavia, Milan, Bari, Rome, and Naples) at extraordinarily practical academic cost fees (800 to 3,000 Euros each 12 months). One can study MBBS in Europe with English as the primary Language at Geomedi University.

Eligibility for Study Visas

For Every Indian Student who wants to study in MBBS in Europe need to apply for Study visas. Students living within the European Union (EU) should have a valid ID card and request a temporary residence permit for study programs over 90 days from the Paraguayan Embassy. They should make sure to renew the permit one week before the end of each 90-day period. Students studying abroad in Europe need visas for stay of over 90 days, which may be acquired through the Paraguayan Embassy. Requirements vary by country of residence.

The University Geomedi was based in 1998. the head of the University since its establishment is rector, professor marina Pirtskhalava. The University is authorised by the Georgian National educational accreditation Centre (currently the National Centre for educational Quality Enhancement). The University is listed in the World Directory of Medical colleges. The University may be a member of FAIMER – Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and analysis and is listed within the International Medical Education Directory (IMED). The University may be a member of the by the european standards.

The main goal of the Geomedi University is to impart their students with the high level of skills and knowledge and enable them to make themse Association for Medical Education in Europe. The University provides its students with prime quality education based on the theoretical data and practical skills necessary for their success in their future career. numerous the former graduates have succeeded in their medical careers performing at the best clinics in Georgia and abroad. Students successfully graduated from the University will be provided an employment at the University Clinic and its departments. the academic programs and student assessment are based on the eu Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and meet the criteria set lves a brand of their own in their related field.

Affordable for all, the university has one of the lowest school fees, which stands at $3500 a year. The level of the education at the university can be judged by the fact that the educational programs and students assessments are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
Geomedi Medical University Course summary. WHO, FAIMER & MCI approved.
No need of IELTS / TOEFL.
Degree acknowledged in every European Country.
Scholarship available up to $ 1000.
Students can pay tuition fees in two instalments.

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